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Good morning!

On Saturday I officiated at my cousin's wedding. It was gorgeous outdoor event at twilight. My cousin looked gorgeous and her groom was so sweet and adorable. I had to come up with a ceremony on the fly and I kept it pretty short because they were sooo nervous and anxious. It all turned out well and it was super fun!

I had to do special nail art of course, so this what I came up with:

I was inspired by the wedding invitations which were white with black lace. I didn't want to do a white base so I chose SpaRitual In the Buff  as my base. It kinda goes with the negative space trend in nail art, so win!

I used a Fingrs plate for the lace design and Love text and Pueen plate 29 for the bows. MoYou stamping polish in black and Fingrs stamping polish to stamp the designs.

Simple, girly and elegant!

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