Sweeping out the cobwebs

Hey gang!

I have been gone awhile and disappointed not to be able to blog. My work is 100 times busier with added responsibilities so I often have no time or desire for nail art or swatching. I am not giving up though and I may be able to sneak some things in here and there. Thanks for your understanding.

Looking forward to joining you all again soon!

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  1. Hi! I kind of lurk on your blog, but I miss your nail swatches and random ramblings about metal music! My blog is also suffering from my piles and piles of work, but I'm not losing interest... I hope you aren't losing too much interest, either.

    Even if you can't take the time for nail art, color swatches are just as awesome. :) (But then there's the editing and the writing and ... eugh, more work... am I right?)


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