Cheers, bishes!

Well, holy buckets! I'm back and Bob willing, back for good. To give the quick summary this is the shit that went down:

  • I got a seasonal promotion at work
  • Fucking Xmas
  • I got the promotion permanently
  • I took on a special project at work that kept me away from my main job for three weeks
  • I got a new computer to use ONLY for work and now my trusty laptop is mine to do with as I wish
Hallelujah! Except that I took a lot of photos in the hiatus and they seem to have disappeared so I have to try and swatch and whatnot all over again. Yay. I blame my husband even though I have no real understanding as to why I do not have said photos and it may not be his fault but I like having a scapegoat.

Anyway. Whilst I am sorting some things out I wanted to share a few things. (There's nails and all that but trust me, you'll like this.) As you all know I ADORE my sister. She's the jelly to my peanut butter, the coke to my rum, the lime to my coconut. Some of you think your relationship is rad but I assure you it comes nowhere near to me and my sister. (J/K J/K, please don't hurt me.) Anyway, I have two EXCELLENT examples of this. The first in photo form:

You're damn right I put a mustache and cop glasses on this photo of my sister wearing a sombrero. I took it to 11, y'all.

THAT is a quality text message, people. If you want to improve your texting, I have now presented you with your guru. Learn from the master.

But that's not all, now you can learn how to leave quality voicemails. I hate talking on the phone and I only do so when someone doesn't call me like they said they would the night before (Ahem, MY SISTER.) even though I'd rather brush my cats' teeth. When that happens, these are the kinds of voicemails you receive from me:

"So, what? You don't answer your phone anymore, heffa?? *REDACTED BORING REDACTED* That's okay. I'll just write about it in my diary. When it's published, becomes a New York Times bestseller and I am rich and famous; just remember that everyone will hate you. ...AAAnd you're so pretty. Ok, love you, bye-bye."

I know Pooky cherishes that voicemail. How could you not, really?

So now you have proof of how amazing me and my sister are. You're welcome. But now to nails!
I'm not about to try and list all the polishes or anything because I know I don't remember. So just look at sparkly and pretty.

Sephora Formula X Alchemy
Nina Ultra Pro Gold Flake Top Coat 

I remembered everything in this because I was obsessed. I stumbled on Alchemy on clearance at Sephora and it made its way home with me. But I was also obsessed with sponging flakie polishes thanks to More Nail Polish and the amazing things she did with the ILNP multichrome flakies here. So simple and yet so brilliant and I feel lame that I never knew/thought about doing that.
I also own four of said amazing ILNP multichrome flakies thanks to my hubs being all around awesome. Photos will come.

Moving on, I also did this:

Ikat or vaginas?

I decided to attempt another nail art challenge from the hubs. When will I ever learn? He wanted me to do ikat. What I ended up with was vagina dentata. I'd like to say I self sabotaged since I don't like to do things that are "tribal" or "ethnic" because it's culturally insensitive but who the fuck am I kidding? I did sugar skull nail art so I'm just as culturally appropriating as the next. I just have not so very good skills hence the genitals all over my nails.

Let's leave it on this high note and I will be back again quite soon! 

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