Margarita Party

Hello, hello!

I adore my Cheeky Viva Mexico Jumbo plate. Now, I'm a smitten kitten for these XL kind of plates anyway because they are snazzy and efficient! Anyway, I was reminiscing about our trips to Mexico and so I decided to have some fun with my nails and try another new nail art technique.

I can hear the cries now. "Lamby, did you not learn your lesson with Konad Special Polish???" I did, I did. I let that shit dry for two hours before adding top coat. Bu the culprit was the top coat itself which will be discussed another time. Just note that if you buy the Kiss decal set that comes with a teensy bottle of top coat, do not use the top coat. Learn from my mistakes.

All my nails have a base of China Glaze I Need a Refresh-mint. I used the green Konad polish to stamp my boozy images on index thru ring. On my thumb and pinkie, I grabbed some snazzy neon colors from the original Color Club Poptastic collection and I put small blobs on some paper. I then used a stamper that I don't like and mashed that bad boy down to get swirled and mixed colors. Pressed that shit down on my nails and there you have it. Once dry, I stamped with MoYou black stamping polish.

I was sketpical about how well that kind of stamping was going to work. I expected a big mess from pressing my stamper onto blobs of polish and I was worried about how quickly the polish would dry. (If ever.) Gratefully, it dries really quick. And this technique was pretty fun and easy so I will for sure be adding that to the repertoire.

Cheers and Salud!

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