No Words

I offer no explanations. Just a snotch of text and some photos. 

I saw Moonspell in Portland two days after my birthday. This is the nail art I did:

Base: China Glaze Sea Spray

I went to Vegas in May and September. Then I was off to Texas in October for my older brother's wedding. This is the nail art I wore in Texas:

I used Essie Leggy Legend, Orly Pure Porcelain and a grey Colour Prevails polish I can't recall the name of. There's some random Butter London in there too but I am too lazy to find out which.

Before I went to Texas, I had picked up a pretty polish at Forever 21 and brought it with me to do my niece's nails. Swatch is of my hand, FYI.

Color changing??? Not for me. Not in sun and not in warm/cold temps. The fuck Forever 21?

I haven't slowed on the nail art, nail polish buying but I had to step away from swatching. It was a lot of work and other things. I'll slowly bring it back. In the meantime, you can see more of the nail art I've done on Instagram. I'll prolly end up reposting here but nonetheless, options. I recently received the Uber Mat which has really helped reignite some passion and I got the Pueen Fireworks Festival plate which is just lovely. I love XL stamping plates so much.

I do have a confession to make though. I have joined the dark side of major makeup obsession. ( I already was pretty enamored with the makeups anyway. Now it's like crazy.) Not enough to truly blog about it because I'm pretty fucking lazy and this is the best I can do. But I finally hit VIB at Sephora and an Ulta opened up in my town just a couple of miles away from me. Praise Bob. I gots me makeup and nail polish. I think one of the major factors to my diminished interest aside from life and work was the sub par offerings of most major polish brands this year. I mean, really.
I will prolly have to focus more on indies and that's okay, I really love the ILNP flakies I have and am really impressed with them period so it's time to just dive in. Now that I bought all of the Kat Von D Metal Crush eyeshadows I wanted, I can focus more of my disposable income on ILNP and others.

We'll see...

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  1. You are an incredible woman. I adore you with my whole soul.


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