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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quack Attack

Good day!

Here is the Duck Day manicure for September 29, 2012. Today's match up is against Washington State in Seattle.

What I did:

New York Summer Amaranth/Kleancolor Chunky Holo Clover jelly sandwich on thumb, middle and pinkie.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Yellow Fever on index and ring.
Konad Special Polish Green and Pure Ice Platinum Base Coat stamping colors.
Fauxnad GCOCOL plate F02

Not much time to discuss today. We're having friends over to watch the game and we are making nachos. Matt just finished making some awesome carnitas and now it's my turn to make the beans.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and GO DUCKS!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Someday we'll go further from this, right into the bliss

Good Morning.

I am pretty sad that my Ducks lost the National Championship but I'm so happy to have one of my wishes come true. I had told Matt I hoped to see the Ducks in the big game one day and they did it. The whole season was history making. It was the first time the Ducks made it to the championships and the are the last Pac-10 team to ever play in the championship game. We are very proud of our Ducks here in Eugene!

Oregon Nike Ad 2
Mighty Oregon

In the spirit of things, I bring you the last Duck Day mani of the football season.

Ring finger is three coats Orly Lemonade with 
"O" temporary tattoo.
Thumb, index, middle and pinkie are:
Two coats Orly Wandering Vine
One coat NYS Amaranth
One coat Golden Rose Care + Strong #158

I'm disappointed that I didn't get to spend more time to make this all the more special but work has been hella crazy and I had no time. However, I like how my layering of the greens came out. It was so pretty and shiny that I coudn't bear to take it off. So...yesterday I was sporting this:

Same green as above
Ring finger is three coats Sinful Mint Apple

There ya have it. I'm hoping that I will be able to attend the parade celebrating the Ducks next weekend and get some pics. I doubt I will be able to but it sure would be fun!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

DUCKing out

Good morning!

Today I'm running away from home for the weekend. I'm going to do some shopping in Portland and spend some quality time with my favorite person in the world. However, today is game day and I'm still going to show my spirit. Thus, I bring this week's Duck Day manicure.

 Ring finger is two coats Sally Hansen Lightening with 
one coat of Claire's yellow flake glitter.

Thumb through pinkie is two coats New York Summer Amaranth
topped with one coat LA Splash Ocean's Fairy

This is a little subdued for me in spit of the glitter but there's no time for nail art today! It's still cute and I'm quite pleased. 

Today is also my beautiful, amazing sister's birthday! She's my best friend and the one person I can't simply do without. It's also the first time we're spending her birthday apart. It's all good though. She's spending time with our other sister in Nebraska.

 Happy Birthday, Pooky!!
Hope you're having a wonderful time and I love you like mad!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you soon!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Since you been gone... I'm out of my head can't take it

Good morning!

I've been a busy Lamb with work but I was able to spend some time with two of my besties. We had super good times on Saturday night just hanging out, talking and laughing. We don't get to do so very often and it was amazing!

I'm really behind on everything but I wanted to show some previous looks I sported that I had posted on Twitter but not here. Please enjoy them!

First up is a layering combo:

Two VERY thin coats of my franken, Bermuda.
(Yay for Ange for coming up w/ a brilliant name for it!)
Topped with two coats of Sally Hansen HD in DVD
Photo taken with my EVO.

Nope, not the best picture but I'm still finagling with my phone and learning everything. This mani taught me that I need to apply Bermuda in a slightly thicker coat for best coverage. It prolly would have helped to not have done this in the sun room with a breeze coming in either. Oh well...

Next we have another layering combo:

Three coats Milani Techno Red
Topped with two coats L.A. Girl Rock Star in Electric Guitar
Again taken with my EVO

This one was super hot! I love, love, love Techno Red. I did not think I would because it's a jelly, more of a coral-y red and well, I only got it because I needed a "neon red" in my stash. Now I'm starting to love the jellies and this color just makes me so freaking happy. I'm so glad to find Milani!
I've never done a proper swatch of Electric Guitar and it will be coming up. That said, I love that too. It's a beautiful burnished gold with glorious holo glitter. Layered over Techno Red, it made the color more orange. Loved the golden shimmer and well, you know how I love glitter so the holo glitter pieces made me exceptionally happy.
I did this to refresh a two day wear of Techno Red and it's similar to some layering I've shown with OPI DS Treasure but this is way better. But glitter makes almost anything better!

Finally, I have my most favorite layered look ever: 
(I do recommend clicking this and enlarging it.)

Base is Golden Rose Holographic 115
Topped with two coats OPI Paris Couture For Sure
Sponged with Nina Ultra Pro Grin and Bear-y It
and China Glaze Towel Boy Toy
Finished with one coat Paris Couture For Sure
and Out The Door Northern Lights Top Coat

I went a little crazy with this. My original look had been the green holo of Golden Rose. The next day I added Paris Couture. Wore that for two days. I needed to change it but I just couldn't bring myself to do it so I decided to sponge half of the right side of my nails with the Nina. Then I sponged half of the left with Towel Boy Toy. I left the green showing at the base and blended it all together with Paris Couture and Out The Door.
Oh. My. Word. This was glorious. The Nina really went purple and its blue shimmer stood out nicely. Towel Boy Toy complimented the green beautifully and none of its shimmer was lost. I stunned myself with how well this came out.

That's going to do it for today. What has been your favorite layered look you've done? What are you go to colors for layering? I do love to layer and am always on the lookout for interesting combos!
Have a wonderful day everybody!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Franken WIN

Good day guys!

I showed you two old frankens I made that were just awful. Everybody was very sweet and complimented the colors and I appreciate that very much. Posting them inspired me to try again and this time I have success! Plus I found something I thought I got rid of...

Three coats, no base or top, indoor natural light

I found my 3/4 bottle of OPI Text Me, Text You after I posted my other frankens. I thought I sent it to the Zoya Exchange but nope, it was hanging out with my collection of base and top coats. So I decided to use it for a bave foray into frankening again.

I can't give you an exact recipe because I was just playing around and was pretty sure it would come out to nothing. Well, I was wrong. 
This is a mix of New York Summer Amaranth, which is a really snazzy bright green jelly. I added a snotch of China Glaze Towel Boy Toy, a lighter neon blue with gorgeous blue shimmer. All combine to make a lovely teal-ish sheer. Like watery sheer. I'm coming around to jellies but that wasn't going to do. I remembered that I have L'Oreal's Waters Edge (A minty green creme) and that I did not *heart* its formula. But I knew it would give me the opacity this needed. I added maybe five to six drops and it worked! I have a beautiful color with shimmer and a little glitter! The only down side I can think of is that adding the creme stole the holo effect from the glitter. It sparkles but its not fiery. Overall, I'm so excited this came out so well. It also dries fast! 
The application is a bit tricky. I had to apply thicker coats rather than thin because it dragged. But this was the same issue I have with Amaranth on its own so no worries!
Now, please to enjoy more pictures...

Three coats, no base or top, full sun outdoors
(As ever, you can click my pictures to enlarge.)

I just got my brand new phone, an HTC EVO, and damn it is teh hotness! It has an 8 megapixel camera and I've had fun trying it out for nail pics. It doesn't do too bad, it's just a snotch awkward to hold, pose and snap. But still good for all the pics I would want to take on the run. (Especially those I wish I had taken before. Ah, regrets!) Naturally, I took a pic of my franken.

Four coats, no base or top, natural indoor light
It's a little blurry but nothing I can't handle.

What do you think? Win or Fail?  Most importantly, what do I call it? I'm really bad at coming up with names so I need some help. What would you name this?
That does it for now. I'm going to recover from a day of working at another store (Awkward and scary!) and six hours of training meetings. Hope everyone has a pleasant evening and I'll be back tomorrow.
Good night!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Curry Duck Day Mani

Good morning!
Happy day! I went to the Sephora inside J.C. Penney last night with my sisters and had soo much fun! It is amazing how makeup and nail polish can change your mood. Anyway, I walked out with my first ever Urban Decay shadow palette and I am crazy in love!
I will also be picking up some more polish this weekend so I will be having plenty to show you.

What we have today is last week's Duck Day mani. I like how it turned out but it was rather subtle. I kinda knew that the Ducks would fall to Stanford so this mani was not nearly as exuberant.

New York Summer Amaranth
Orly Love Each Other
Wet n' Wild Shield
Zoya Goldie
China Glaze Medallion
Konad Image plate m21

A rare picture of righty.

I did not stamp the full flower design on plate m21. I just used the head of the flower because it looked more like a coin in the metallics. Then I used a dotting tool to place dots of Medallion around and in the center of the flowers.

I think my right hand came out way better than my left. That rarely happens! As I was applying this, I noticed that it evoked the kind of embroidery found in Indian textiles. That gives me inspiration to try this again with some other colors. I can't wait to do that!

Thank you for looking and enjoy your morning!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

New York Summer Amaranth

I don't always have a lot of love for jellies because they show too much VNL.  However, if the color is too good to pass up I will be all over it. I saw pictures of Amaranth last spring and I knew I would have to have this. It was such a stunning green!

Three coats, partial sun

Amaranth is quite sheer so three coats is a must. Three makes it close to opaque but there is a faint VNL.  More like squint to see it but, yeah. Each coat dried quickly and it had a satiny finish. Top coat adds the necessary shine and you're good to go.

Amaranth is a cheerful green and I am so glad I bought this. It will be necessary to lift my spirits through the winter! I will definitely have to try it out for a Duck Day mani!

Bottle love in full sun.

When I do wear this, I can't help but hear the Nightwish song, "Amaranth."  Which reminds me that I really prefer Annette Olzon as a brunette. Just sayin' is all.